inbreeding rate by country

Get you looking the other way. Generally, inbreeding is more common in the southeast region of the U.S. and more rural states. more on medieval england and france Obesity Facts List keys facts on obesity, such as its high heritability, and addresses important misconceptions, such as the ineffectiveness of diet and exercise in treating it and its greatly overstated health impact, West Hunter Blog of physicist Greg Cochran and anthropologist Henry Harpending, authors of the seminal book The 10,000 Year Explosion, Gene Expression The Unz Review Razib Khans Gene Expression blog, HBD Chicks blog The venerable hbd* chick, discussing the rise of modern peoples, particularly the role of inbreeding in such, Psychological comments Intelligence researcher James Thompsons blog discussing IQ and other aspects of the human sciences, Random Critical Analysis Statistical analysis on matters related to racial differences broken down in an easy-to-follow format, Clear Language, Clear Mind Emil Kirkegaards site where he performs important HBD analysis, Steve Sailers iSteve Blog The Unz Review The man who (largely) started it all. Some of these countries in the 3-4 range seem to lack much of the deleterious universalist sentiments found in those scoring 1-2. As such, according to HBD Chicks hypothesis, the region went down a unique historical trajectory because of it. Laws prohibiting marriages and inbreeding amongst family members up to the first level cousin level have been passed. Even though this is a term that typically applies to people, it can be applied to other animal organisms as well. Yeah, We're Getting Dumber: Flynn Effect Has Reversed in U.S. Thats not the conclusion these sources reach. medieval russian mating patterns inbreeding in italy Takes a while to do). Im Hispanic and began my journey as an atheistic progressive, gradually shifting rightward until arriving at reactionary Euro-nationalism. This attitude worked great back in the middle ages and it might be good to keep out floods of immigrants but it leaves something to be desired in a world where so many countries have nuclear arsenals. Ukraine is Sinking. Inbreeding is common in the southeast region and more rural states, such as Eastern Kentucky. @helvena: @staffan Perhaps the conformism in Sweden is the results of everyone being more or less related rather than small groups being highly related?. As we can see, several countries are significantly divided regionally. Perhaps Slovenia, a bit of a paradox here, can also be a case of smooth inbreeding but of a higher degree than Sweden and Japan. Im beginning to think that youre a geek like hbd chick. exogamous marriage in medieval england Perhaps the conformism in Sweden is the results of everyone being more or less related rather than small groups being highly related? Inbreeding is a social custom handed down through the eastern communities under different justifications, but the development of medicine in the modern era has shown the consequences of this type of marriage, because of its transmission of serious diseases that pose a threat to the lives of newborns. Members of the Mennonite population may also have higher rates of inbreeding for the same reason. Yes, now I can see the map now, very nice. It dropped by 18% in the 1970s, then plateaud in the 1930s. i suspect that its going to vary by region (and that european jews very often, but not always, copied the mating patterns of whatever population they happened to reside in). Quite possibly. Locus refers to the location of a gene on the chromosome and an allele is a . more on consanguinity in england (and scotland) Notwithstanding, this is quite an informative post! HBD: An Abbreviated History of Quisqueya and the Rise of Todays Dominicans (and Haitians) :: Concourse Expressions. Even though they mostly dont marry first or second cousins, they do end up marrying third and fourth cousins a lot, because everyone there is related at that level. Korea and especially Japan may experience fewer of these problems because they may be further along the outbreeding process, as Ill soon discuss. If you imagine a population with maximal out-breeding the average level of relatedness of that population at the end of the process will be different for a population of 100,000, or one million or ten million.. Which country is the most inbred? As we can see, several countries are significantly divided regionally. Genetic Disorders Hit Amish Hard. A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media. 67% of Saudi Arabians are inbred. This has been shown by numerous studies with cattle, horses, sheep, swine and laboratory animals. Who is the most inbred family in America? As the years go by, people have realized the danger of inbreeding amongst humans 34,000 years ago and developed social norms. These buttons register your public Agreement, Disagreement, Thanks, LOL, or Troll with the selected comment. My personal experience with Jews is that they are not quite as clannish as they claim. They divide the areas of historic outbreeding from the areas that have long-term inbreeders (based on data supplied by HBD Chick, which will be reviewed shortly), which is roughly coterminous with the, Secondly, theres this map of the perceived corruption across Europe (from, There are several historical correlates with this pattern. This map is a guestimate, and is not derived from direct measurements. Whereas if youre stuck in one place, even if youre trying to out-breed, sooner or later everyones your cousin. Evolving Economics Economics graduate student Jason Collinss blog discussing economics from an evolutionary (and HBD) standpoint. more on mating patterns from deutschland (and switzerland) 9). Indeed, it would appear that way. (F.R.B.) My hat is off to you, this post is now my go-to reference on the subject. I think that type of conformism is an on a separate dimension from individualism vs. clannishness as HBD Chick would describe it. For example, these countries are known to have much higher rates of hydrocephalus, neural tube defects, and congenital heart defects. The lines on the map were drawn by me. It's been known to occur frequently in human communities due to customs such as cousin marriage and endogamy. Inbreeding Depression. As for the rest, yes, I agree. Particular among these variations is the history of Northwestern Europe, which had unique in the world a long history of avoiding inbreeding. Indeed, HBD Chick hypothesized that the manor system contributed to the breakdown of the clans and made cousin marriage considerably more difficult. The current idea is that a type of de facto inbreeding existed there thanks to sub-Saharan Africas high rates of polygyny: see monogamy, serial monogamy, and polygamy | hbd* chick. Mountains, and presumably a closely related group of people to begin with. what about the franks? This is a map of our current best guess of the rates of historic inbreeding across Europe and parts of the Near East. mating patterns in baltic populations, The Balkans: Thus, many of the Fugates began to marry their family members. [JayMan: No personal attacks here, thanks. Inbreeding is the process of mating genetically similar organisms. They say one can come up with even stranger things if one goes back further. The current idea is that a type of, Its hard to escape the observation that there might be a sweet spot when it comes to clannishness (and hence perhaps inbreeding). So maybe we should look at islanders. Also, see what HBD Chick said . The Moon Landings: A Giant Hoax for Mankind? (The high immigrant populations in the ex-Soviet states are mostly Russians; those in Ireland are primarily from Britain. However, the genetic data we have analyzed so far does support HBD Chicks hypothesis. Further reinforcing our estimation of historic levels of inbreeding across various parts of Europe and the Middle East, as seen on my map, is the fact that many of these countries (the Islamic world) are still actively inbreeding (from Europeans and for that matter East Asians have, by in large, ceased inbreeding in the 20th century by the latest. The highest inbreeding levels and frequencies of inbred individuals are in North Africa, the Middle East, Central South Asia population. 'White Privilege' as a Dark Legacy or Inheritance Rather Than a Socio-Economic Condition, Beethoven & Bach ARE the WEST, Not Cardi B, Kanye, Rihanna, The Inflation and Tax Assault on the American People, Ron DeSantis Has a Secret Weapon: He's a Master of Wedge Issues. I mean, if everyone loves gay people, thats not individualism. So Japan is really just one big clan. ), The decline in violence across Europe during the past millennium, which was discussed by Steven Pinker in his book The Better Angels of Our Nature, (discussed here: violence around the world | hbd* chick). neither haemochromatosis nor huntingtons have anything to do with close cousin marriages, which, as jayman pointed out, is what we mean by inbreeding in this context. Populations in five countries, such as the Netherlands (0.07%) or Japan (0.09%), have reported lower increase of inbreeding, but in nine countries, the average increase in inbreeding was higher, e.g., USA (0.17%) or Canada (0.21%). A lot of this looks questionable, some looks based on bias/prejudice/preconceived ideas. And people who didnt transfer their loyalty to the state probably got killed, too. If you have some other information, please share it. Almost 100% of the family are related genetically and biologically. As per HBD Chicks hypothesis, the Islamic countries which are the most inbred of them all cluster on an opposite pole to the Northwestern European ones. It could be a problem for some, namely those living in the borderland areas (such as myself) where the fighting typically takes place were we to see a balkanization of the US. 1994 ) and in four selected Arab villages between 2000 and 2004 ( F ranged from 0.004906 to 0.016452 according to the village) (Sharkia et al. Heres Why. It doesn't get much more peaceful than the simple life among the Amish in rural Ohio. Im not convinced that will be happening any time soon, but I do see it as a possible natural outcome in time. There are also certain groups of people who live in cloistered societies, meaning they are not exposed to the outside world. It also occurred to me that violence should be adjusted for social control if we want to establish the characteristics of a people. Inbreeding depression can also occur in a large population if individuals tend to mate with their relatives, instead of mating randomly. Alien perspectives cant hurt. However, first cousin marriage particularly the highly incestuous fathers brothers daughter type is still the rule in the Muslim world, which means that they should be far more inbred than even the most inbred Europeans could hope to be. The earliest was the spread of manorialism: This spread follows the Hajnal line and roughly tracks areas where there were low rates of inbreeding. Data on inbreeding in several contemporary human populations are compared, showing the highest local rates of inbreeding to be in Brazil, Japan, India, and Israel. Historically, I dont think there was a lot of internal movement in Japan, due to a pretty dictatorial state, which would tend to increase inbreeding, but that same dictatorial state really cut down on violence. Morbidity increases significantly with inbreeding in many diseases studies in many countries. Estimates show that nearly half of those living in the Arab world are inbred. (im trying not to invoke the old GIGO computer trope for inbreeding pygmies:) i.e., do you think the relationship between level of inbreeding & whatever dependent variable is the same for all groups? (As well, many might note that HBD Chicks analysis generally doesnt focus on sub-Saharan Africa much. However, it could (and almost certainly does) signal the degree of inbreeding in the populations mating history. However, one incongruity appears to be Italy, and to a lesser extent, Spain and Greece. I mean, if everyone loves gay people, thats not individualism. Inbreeding is a measure of the probability of identity by descent of two alleles at a given locus in a given individual. mating patterns in medieval/early modern scotland, Ireland: Unlike you, I find it hard to wrestle big data like this. inbreeding in 18th and 19th century sweden They have a large (albeit, historically isolated) population, so perhaps that help to selection out clannishness? Most distinct are the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and Germany (while Portugal is shown with a north-south gradient, Im not sure if one exists there). America is noteworthy, but they have relatively lower rates of inbreeding from 0.1 to 0.2% of the population. 11 the arabs. As well, supporting the notion that some European countries possess distinct regional variation within them in how inbred their populations are, we have these pieces: For Britain (from traditional family systems in medieval britain and ireland | hbd* chick): And Spain (from here and here, respectively): Reinforcing the pattern we see across Europe and much of the world are the results of the Worlds Values Survey: The Northwestern European countries are in a group by themselves. After the Kensington Inferno, Many in Britain Will Rethink Deregulation, Prof. Gottfried Replies to Our Review of His Latest Book, Four Corners/Fairfax Levels Up to US-Class National Security Steno Work on China. 60% of Iraqis are inbred. Among Israeli Ashkenazi Jews, the first-cousin marriage rate was measured in a 1955-7 study at 1.4% and other cousin marriages at 1.06% of all marriages.

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