Hand-made Soap

  • Our soaps are completely natural with no harmful chemical additives for enhancing colour, hardness, lathering, appearance, absorption by the skin, etc., which makes them excellent for sensitive skin;

Hand Made Soaps

  • Our soaps are subject to environmental influences such as¬†outside¬†temperature, humidity, temperature of the oils etc. which may cause differences in the colour, hardness or appearance of different batches of the soap but in no way affects the quality of the soap;
  • We use essential oils which means that the scent may not be as strong as artificially fragranced soap;
  • After unsuccessfully trying to find packaging which was renewable and compostable in South Africa, we have now imported our cellulose wrapping, which is both compostable and biodegradable;
  • We ensure that all our ingredients are responsibly sourced, which applies particularly to the palm oil we use.

Please check our eco-friendly certification for our bio sustainability credentials.